ESGO Gynae-Oncology Guidelines – ESGO Gynaecological Oncology Guidelines


ESGO/ESTRO/ESP Cervical cancer guidelines update 2023

ESGO/ESHRE/ESGE Guidelines for the fertility-sparing treatment of patients with endometrial carcinoma

ESGO Guidelines on quality indicators for the surgical treatment of endometrial carcinoma

ESGO Guidelines on Peri-operative Management of Advanced Ovarian Cancer Patients Undergoing Debulking Surgery

New ESGO-ISUOG-IOTA-ESGE Consensus Statement on Pre-Operative Diagnosis of Ovarian Tumours Now Released on IJGC!

ESGO-ESTRO-ESP Guidelines for the management of patients with endometrial cancer

In December 2020, the ESGO-ESTRO-ESP Endometrial cancer guidelines article has been published online in IJGC. It has been developed by the working group of 27 experts led by the Chair, Prof. Nicole Concin during 3 physical/hybrid meetings. The article has gained 4624 downloads in the first two weeks since the publication.


ESGO-GCIG Rare Tumours Algorithms in Mobile APP

Launched in October 2022:

      • Ovarian Carcinoid Tumour
      • Borderline Ovarian Tumours
      • High-Grade Endometrial & Undifferentiated Uterine Sarcoma
      • Small Cell Neuroendocrine Carcinoma of the Cervix
      • Vulvar & Vaginal Rare Tumours


Launched in December 2020

      • Sex cord stromal tumours
      • Germ cell tumours of the ovary
      • Mucinous carcinoma of the ovary
      • Low grade serous carcinoma
      • Clear cell carcinoma of the ovary

You can download it here:

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Ovarian Cancer Surgery

Quality indicators

New! 10 quality indicators for advanced ovarian cancer surgery to  improve your clinical practice.

Certification Process

Raise Standards of Care and view the certification process for ovarian cancer surgery.