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ESGO-GCIG Rare Cancers Guidelines Project


The European Society of Gynaecological Oncology (ESGO) and the Gynecologic Cancer Intergroup (GCIG) jointly developed clinically relevant and evidence-based algorithms for rare tumours, based on the previously elaborated initial project that was published in the Int J Gyn Cancer in 2014.

The first guidelines draft was presented at the GCIG meeting in Chicago in June 2019 for comments and revision. After this meeting, both GCIG and ESGO societies circulated the different guidelines for definitive validation.

The new guidelines covering the initial 10 cancer types were officially presented for the first time at the ESGO 21st European Congress on Gynaecological Oncology in November 2019 in Athens, Greece.

The initial 10 tumour types include: Leiomyosarcomas, Carcinosarcoma, Sex Cord Tumours, Germ cell tumours, Cancerized teratoma, trophoblastic disease, ovarian clear cell carcinoma, ovarian mucinous carcinoma, ovarian low-grade serous carcinoma and small cell ovarian carcinoma hypercalcaemic.

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The Gynecologic Cancer Intergroup (GCIG)

The GCIG is a collaboration of 29 international cooperative clinical trials groups from various countries who are committed to conduct high-quality randomized phase III trials among women with gynecologic cancers.

Founded in 1993 and formalized in 1997, GCIG has developed from a small network of ovarian cancer researchers to a large international forum addressing multiple issues related to research in gynecologic cancers. Member groups of the GCIG have collaboratively conducted pivotal clinical trials in cancers of the ovary, endometrium, and cervix.

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