Vision – ESGO Gynae-Oncology Guidelines

ESGO Guidelines Vision



ESGO has set an objective to elaborate a complete set of guidelines and associated quality indicators for the management of Gynaecological cancers, in effort to improve the quality of care for women across Europe, as part of ESGO's mission statement.

Strict standards, including a proper methodology, a systematic literature search, internal and external reviews of the final document, including participation of patients’ representatives have been adopted to ensure the production of high-quality guidelines and quality indicators.

Whenever relevant and possible, the ESGO tries to associate the relevant sister knowledgeable societies such as the ESMO, the ESTRO, the ESP, SIOPE and others. Thus, for the first time, in 2014, the ESMO-ESGO-ESTRO consensus conference on management of endometrial cancer took place and set pace for the inter-societies collaboration.

With its national partners and collaborators, ESGO initiated the translation of the guidelines and quality indicators into national languages that are soon to be available on the website for broad use in clinical practice.

In the spirit of making the guidelines and quality indicators as user-friendly as possible, ESGO has developed the mobile application for both Android and iOS phones. The user friendly navigation throughout the application enables users an easy and quick access to the required information, to support decision making at the point of care.

We hope European gynaecologic oncologists – and non-European colleagues as well – will find the recommendations and quality indicators helpful in achieving high quality cancer management and reliable assurance of the quality of surgery across Europe.

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