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Guidelines for the Management of Vulvar Cancer


Chaired by Prof. Ate van der Zee and Dr. Maaike Oonk (Netherlands), this project is aimed at developing clinically relevant and evidence-based guidelines for the management of patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the vulva throughout Europe.

The guidelines cover diagnosis, preoperative investigations, surgical management (local, treatment, reconstructive surgery), sentinel lymph node procedure, radiation therapy, chemoradiation, systemic treatment, treatment of recurrent disease (vulvar recurrence, groin recurrence, distant metastases), and follow-up.



The ESGO Council nominated an International Expert Panel made of practicing clinicians who provide care to vulvar cancer patients and have demonstrated leadership and interest in the management of vulvar patients  (18 experts across Europe).

To ensure that the statements are evidence-based, the current literature, identified from a systematic search carried out in MEDLINE and selected websites, has been reviewed and critically appraised. In the absence of any clear scientific evidence, judgment was based on the professional experience and consensus of the Development Group (expert agreement).

The process includes also an external evaluation of the guidelines. The ESGO Council established a large panel of practicing clinicians and patients independent from the Development Group to evaluate the guidelines (quantitative and qualitative evaluations). Responses were pooled and discussed by the Expert Panel.

The outcomes will be published in international journals.

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