Cervical Cancer – ESGO Gynae-Oncology Guidelines

Cervical Cancer Management

A joint venture of the ESGO, ESTRO and ESP, which will address the management of cervical cancer with a multidisciplinary mindset including also medical oncology and pathology components.

ESGO-ESTRO-ESP guidelines on the management of invasive cervical cancer will be released at the ESGO2017 meeting. A working group has been put together under the leadership of David Cibula (ESGO, chair), Richard Poetter (ESTRO, co-chair) and Maria Rosaria Raspollini (ESP, co-chair).

In the meantime, you are welcome to use the algorithms for management of cervical cancer that were prepared by ESGO Education Committee in 2010 as a teaching tool for trainees in gynaecological oncology and related specialties.

Cervical Cancer Algorithms

Algorithms for management of Cervical Cancer, based on existing protocols and guidelines, were prepared by the ESGO Educational Committee in 2010, as a teaching tool for trainees in Gynaecological Oncology and related specialties.

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