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Management of Endometrial Cancer


In many aspects, the management of endometrial cancer does not rely on level-one evidence. Consequently, there is a high variability in practices at all steps of the management of uterine cancer.

Brought forward by an ESGO Council Member, Dr. Frederic Goffin, the new project dedicated to elaboration of quality indicators  aims to overcome this, and to provide optimal care to women with endometrial cancer. The project will be led by Frederic Goffin and Frederic Amant, Belgium. The scope is to elaborate a list of quality indicators to assess management of patients with epithelial endometrial carcinoma (sarcoma excluded), with focus on first-line treatment (recurrent disease excluded)

It is worth saying that Belgium is the home country of the leading EFFECT project on this topic. The EFFECT (EFFectiveness of Endometrial Cancer Treatment) project was a national prospective observational registration study that aimed to gain more insight into the quality and effectiveness of clinical care of uterine cancer in Belgium. It had been launched on the results from a first study using existing databases to investigate clinical practices for uterine cancer.


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